Tiffany (tarott) wrote in college_moms,

Name? Tiffany! or.. Tarott whichever.

Where are you from? Washington State

How old are you? 24

How many chidren do you have?ages? I have one child, he's 2!

Name of college/university? Pierce College, going to University hopefully by fall.. though which one I don't know yet.

Major/Minor? Teaching Degree, w/ minor probably in psychology by accident.

Class standing? Junior Sorta.. (harder to think about inbetween college and university)

Anything else you wish to add.. Well thrilled to be back in school, as a parent you realize how much more important school is then. My son is autistic, so college life and that makes it very interesting! I go to school full time and work part time. So Hi everyone!
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