Amanda (pinksapphire87) wrote in college_moms,

I'm not really that new of a member, I've been lurking for awhile... I've finally found the time to post my into!

Name: Amanda
Where are you from: Latham, NY
How old are you: 19
How many chidren do you have/ages: I have one daughter and she is three months old as of yesterday!
Name of college/university? Hudson Valley Community College this semester and as of fall 2008 I'll be a Russell Sage College student.
Major/Minor? Creative Arts in Therapy major and a Dance minor
Class standing? I should technically be a fourth semester sophmore, but since I've changed my major 45436 times I'm a second semester freshman. But what does that really mean to anyone? As long as I have a 4.0 its all good.
Anything else you wish to add: My daughter just started daycare this week and it makes me so sad to leave such a little helpless infant at daycare... :( It makes me sad to leave her every morning. On Tuesday I left her for the first time and I cried my eyes out. Poor baby. :(

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