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Hello everyone...

I just created an LJ account... so I am rather new to all of this.

I am a Women's Studies major at IUPUI, declared through the Individualized Major Program, IUPUI doesn't offer a standard women's studies major. I am also a sociology minor and toying with the idea of getting a philosophy minor.

I am a single mother to a wonderful boy, Ezekiel, age 4.

I am struggling with all of the roles I am in currently. Mother, student, worker, girlfriend...etc...

I do rather well at school, maintaining a 3.4 GPA in my junior year, but (and you have to love those) my son is going to be starting kindergarten next year and well...his behavioral problems have come to the forefront of my worries. He's smart and is within his age ranges educational expectations, but I am so worried about school for him.

So yeah... I guess I needed/wanted to vent that out...
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