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Hello everyone...

I just created an LJ account... so I am rather new to all of this.

I am a Women's Studies major at IUPUI, declared through the Individualized Major Program, IUPUI doesn't offer a standard women's studies major. I am also a sociology minor and toying with the idea of getting a philosophy minor.

I am a single mother to a wonderful boy, Ezekiel, age 4.

I am struggling with all of the roles I am in currently. Mother, student, worker, girlfriend...etc...

I do rather well at school, maintaining a 3.4 GPA in my junior year, but (and you have to love those) my son is going to be starting kindergarten next year and well...his behavioral problems have come to the forefront of my worries. He's smart and is within his age ranges educational expectations, but I am so worried about school for him.

So yeah... I guess I needed/wanted to vent that out...
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welcome! i am a law student at iu-indy :)
wow, a mom in law-school... I've thought about going on afterwards to get my PhD in women's studies, or sociology with an emphasis in feminist theory... but law-school seems like an impossible dream to me... I'm glad to see that there is at least one mother out there... and even within my neighborhood ;) that is going for it.
Welcome! I am a single mom too. My son will be three in April. I am studing to become a paralegal.
Thank you!!


does your son ever put on your heels and walk around the house?
Not yet..but he does like to put on my dad's shoes.
Glad you could join us.
I am a single mother of a 3 month old son.
they are so cute when they are little. I had Zeke a little shy of two months after I turned 21... I'm 25 now, and he's 4! They grow up so quickly... and he'll be starting kindergarten this year. It seems so odd, because It feels like I just had him yesterday.
Hello! I am a mom to three, my daughter will be going into kindergarten this fall as well, and she also has behavioral issues, tho it is autism related. Suffice to say I empathise. It's nice to meet you!
His I think is adhd. I have been going through the school system to find out what I should do to try and correct these "problems" before he starts school. I am also waiting for his medicaid to come through so that I can take him to a doctor to see if it is a more serious issue, of him just not listening.


August 4 2007, 01:59:37 UTC 10 years ago

wait till he drives :)